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Child Disability Benefit:

Individualized Funding Family Coalition:

Government Links

BC Association of Community Living:

BC Association of Family Resource Programs:

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities:

BC Council for Families:

Community Living BC:

BC Children’s Hospital:

Family Service Canada:

Ministry of Education:

Children Development & Care

BC Lions society:

Child Disability Benefit:

Delta Early Child Development Committee:

Healthy Kids Program:

Fraser Valley Child development Centre

Paedeatrics information:

Presidents Choice Children’s Charity:

Society for Children and Youth of BC:

Health/ Education

Anxiety BC: Resources. Results. Relief.:

Delta School District:

Little Black Book (Teen site):

Odin Books:


Aboriginal Disability Network:

Autism Community Training (ACT):

BC Autism Assessment Network:

Autism Speaks:

Cameray Child and Family Services:

Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL):

Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

Caring for Kids:

Community Living BC:

Costal Family Resource Coalition:


Daycare List:

Dental info and finding a dentist:

Directory of FAS/FAE Information and Support Services in Canada:

Disability Alliance BC:

Down Syndrome Research Foundation:

Down Sydrome Society (Lower Mainland):

Educational Resources for kids with special needs:

Erbs Palsy – Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors:

Elks of Canada:

Family Support Institute:

FASD Provincial Outreach Program:

Federation of Invisible Disabilities (FIDS):

Health Canada:

Healthy Families BC:

Health Link BC:

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Lotsa Helping Hands:

National Organization for rare disorders:

Partnership For Parents:

Finding a Physician:

Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD):

Representative for Children and Youth:

Sign Language:

Social Planning and Research Council of BC:

Special Link:

NEW! Support Worker Central
Finding compatible support workers to assist you or your family member with a disability can be challenging. Support Worker Central is an online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.

Talking with your baby:

The At Home Program:

The Tiny Light Foundation:

Today’s Parent:

Variety Club Of BC:

Zero to Three: